Deadline to update your address or register to vote: October 16, 2017

 General election: November 7, 2017

Not sure which legislators you vote for? Here's help.

Governor: Ralph Northam (D)

Lieutenant Governor: Justin Fairfax (D)

Attorney General: Mark Herring (D)

Virginia House of Delegates, 25th District: Angela Lynn (D)

Virginia House of Delegates, 58th District: Kellen Squire (D)

Virginia House of Delegates, 59th District: Tracy Carver (D)

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, Samuel Miller District: Liz Palmer (D)

Albemarle County School Board, Rio District: Katrina Callsen (D)

Albemarle County School Board, Rio District: Mary McIntyre (D)

Albemarle County School Board, Samuel Miller District: Graham Paige (D)

Charlottesville City Council: Cassie Clawson (I)

Charlottesville City Council: Heather Hill (D)

Charlottesville City Council: Amy Laufer (D)

 Charlottesville City Council: Nikuyah Walker (I)