This local event coincided with the national People's Summit in Chicago on the same day.
Let's carry it forward.

CHECK OUT photos from the day! Deep gratitude to Guillermo Ubilla for these excellent photos

WATCH & SHARE this panel: How do we build coalitions to convert progressive values into political power? 

A few key takeaways from various panelists:

  • There are people who get in the way: those who don't ask those who are hurting what they need. People in the way are people who claim to help and to speak for those in need, but who are really speaking for themselves
  • How to forge class and racially diverse coalitions? Gonna have to feel a little uncomfortable and go into those communities, talk to people. Find out what people who don't look like you want to change in their neighborhoods. Don't let the gatekeepers rule the world.

  • Don't go to places that are most familiar and most legible. There is a tendency to homogenize the "black community" into voices that are most soothing to white ears. A lot of people with a lot of needs laying down new goals and issu

  • Start framing a positive position. What is it we stand for and not just against? Don't be afraid to speak the things we care about changing and work toward it. There are issues that we can build broad coalitions across a lot of lines -- e.g clean water
  • A few more concrete ideas:
    • Need to get progressives and Indivisible types involved in Democratic party. Relationships will vary, but we need to be the people and make the Dems the party of the people.
    • Teach people on the ground what's going on in politics. Seventh grade civics made relevant and interesting, overcome the reaction that it's all toxic.
    • Build urban-rural coalitions on issues and to get out and vote. Get in touch with people on rural areas who might respond to progressive / populist message.

WATCH & SHARE the progressive local & state candidates and Bernie Sanders talks:

  • Progressive candidatesLocal poet Camisha Jones opens the video. Tom Perriello starts around 5:00. Discussion with seven local & state candidates starts around 19:00. (Unfortunately, the audio for this video is super clipped...apologies!)